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  •  Dive into self care by focusing in on boundaries 
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  •  Learn the common ways an ex could be sabotaging your life + biz 
  •  Discover the simple framework to avoid social media overwhelm 
  •  Enrich your life by knowing what your soul level gifts are 
  •  Break out from behind that computer screen and network like a pro 
  •  Embrace your badassery while discovering your inner goddess 
  •  Set up your life + biz to be happy and grateful every single day 
  •  Learn 3 steps to uncovering your deepest fears 
  •  How to complete a SWOT analysis  

I'm SAMANTHA PARKER, the cofounder of Badassery Magazine and owner of Hype Social Strategies and The Samantha Parker.
Now I’m teaching others how to build their own online empires. Yes, empires. I believe that building and nurturing a sense community with your business is the key to massive success.
I'm Kathy Rasmussen, cofounder and artistic director of Badassery Magazine and the creator of Epiphany Idea Lab.
My mission is to help badass bosses turn their dreams in to thriving businesses. I'm incredibly passionate about making things happen. Your big idea is possible.
I'm Janae Fletcher!

My zest for life and the Self Care Passport comes from separate degrees in textile and muscle fibers, trial & error and the true life experience of raising three sons. My expertise as a business owner & practitioner in the healthcare field brings me a tapestry of art and science; adventure, love, self care rituals and routines that make it easier to find a work-life balance.

I believe in progress over perfection. A unique combination of my analytical, intuitive, empathetic and creative nature is what allows me to best serve and stand by you on your personal Journey to Health. Together we can design your personal map for an adventure of a lifetime as I help you find the individualized steps to enhance your inner and outer journey.
Meet Andrea Kelly!

She’s the owner of Pepper Street Social and a content marketer. She adores writing, loves marketing and totally understands content marketing overwhelm.

In fact, she’s made it her mission to find ways of making content marketing sustainable AND effective for small business owners.

When she’s not writing killer articles, creating seriously good strategies or coaching her clients in developing their content assets, she’s probably driving one of her three kids to a footy or netball game, having a beer on the balcony with her husband, or reading a book at the beach.
Meet Sara Martin!

She is a Reader of Souls, Creatrix of Talismans and Mystical  Wiseass. Her passion is showing people their divinity. How does she do this? you might ask. She is an advanced Soul Realignment(R) practitioner, 
utilizing the Akashic Records to help her clients gain conscious awareness  of the negative karma they generate when they make choices mis-aligned to 
their soul-level gifts and talents.
As a result, it becomes difficult to  access these gifts. After clearing her clients' Records, new choices are 
more easily accessible to them.
Another of Sara's passions is creating  empowering and healing talismans with crystals and gems that are just what  her clients need, energetically speaking. She does all these things and  more with a sarcastic and slightly cynical sense of humor and deep  compassion at
Hi I'm Dixie Willard!

I’m a formally trained interior designer who started my journey studying mechanical engineering. Construction sites and machinery make my heart go pitter-pat! I got my design degree at Chaminade University of Honolulu. (Yep, Hawaii. The campus is stunningly beautiful!) I’ve worked for an architecture firm where I could see the ocean from my window, worked as a designer and bookkeeper (weird, right?) for a high-end furniture store, and done e-design for Pottery Barn Kids, PBTeen, and West Elm. In the middle of all of that, I studied my ever-loving butt off to earn my NCIDQ certification. Add in a few semesters of business school that tempted me to give up design and become an economist, and you’ve got a pretty good picture of just how nerdy I am.
After travelling around the world (Air Force) my husband and I have finally settled down in our forever home here in East Tennessee (where we’re close to our extended family, but not too close). Within just a few months of that big move, I started my interior design business. Being in a new market, I started with absolutely no business or community ties and have worked hard to develop connections. The result has been increased visibility, new opportunities, and (most importantly) new clients!
This year, my design bestie Rachel Moriarty and I created the Design+Style Podcast—a podcast for newbie designers, design students, junior designers, corporate side hustlers and other solo design firms in the trenches right next to us. We’re a perfect pair because not only do we approach business and design from opposite sides of the brain, I like to end the design process right where Rachel’s design process starts. Give Rachel four walls, gallons of paint and decorative elements and she’s in her zone of genius! Chatting about all things design and the business side of being a solo entrepreneur is our jam.
Other than that, I’ve got two grown daughters of whom I am ridiculously proud, I adore my two Chief Morale Officers (a.k.a. my sweet dogs), and I do way more than my fair share to keep the coffee industry in business.
Hi. I'm Belle Cornish from Intuitive Goddess Academy.

My husband, Dave and I are a blended family with 5 kids and a rainbow princess together. In August 2015 my world came crashing down, when at 27 weeks pregnant my son was still born. I hit rock bottom and nearly didn't see the end of the year. I decided then the only way was up and I wanted to live my life purposefully and with passion!!!
Im a KickAss Intuitive Goddess Coach, Naturopath, Herbalis, Reiki Master.

BE the Goddess You where Born to BE
Connecting with your intuition is the key to unlocking all that had been holding you back and opening all areas to being happy, motivated, have direction, clarity, have purpose, passion and live the life you want and love!!! Time to get over the BS of not good enough, fears, shadows, lack of self worth and turn your scars into stars but stepping in Your power and SHINE!!

Be apart of the New Generation of Empowered Women!!!
Meet Brittany Petersheim!

As the CEO and Founder of Clearing the Rain, Brittany has dedicated her life to helping men and women move past the survival stage of past sex-related crimes. She helps her clients rebuild their confidence, empowers them to reach their full potential, and instills in them a deeper connection to their true heart! Make no mistake, she doesn't sugar-coat things.

Her no bullshit approach is what sets her apart from other mentors. Just like you learn to balance the dark and light inside, she balances the compassion and straight talk to truly lift her tribe and clients to a level they once only dreamed of.

Hello, I'm Cheri Yazzie!

You may know me as a Million Dollar Amazon seller, who teaches others how to sell the shit out of their products on Amazon, too. But even more than that, I am The Grateful Bitch, jumping for joy as I start my Lifestyle Design Coaching Program!

Meet Kelly Servis!

Kelly Servis is the owner of Alchemic Creations - Brand Strategy & Design for Spiritual Bosses. She's been working 1:1 with her clients creating jaw-dropping and drool-worthy brands and websites for almost three years now, but has over 10 years of experience in the Brand Strategy and Design industry. She's incredibly passionate about creating brands based on the core values and passions of her clients, and will do whatever it takes to help them find true alignment between themselves, what lights their soul on fire, and how to mesh the two into a completely unique brand and business.

Meet Melissa Capps!

After 4 years running an eco-friendly clothing line and 14 years in restaurant accounting and management, Dallas native Melissa Capps found her calling and realized her strength was in numbers, literally.

Through Able Endeavors, the bookkeeping and profit consulting practice, Melissa helps other creatives account for their thriving businesses with custom bookkeeping services and budget planning. Melissa has honed her craft to help entrepreneurs understand that financial reports can be downright empowering.

Meet Mary Oquendo!

Mary is the owner of Pawsitive Educational Training, your online source for easy, affordable, comprehensive, and complete online workshops for the busy professional. She writes for Groomer To Groomer and Natural Awakenings magazine,as well as a host of blogs and contributing author to several online and print magazines.

Meet Stephanie Smart!

She is a Soul Song mentor, energy medicine practitioner/teacher, and a spiritual director. She has been involved in learning and teaching the Ancient Arts for over 30 years. 

Stephanie helps her clients remember the notes of their Soul Song and to create a life filled with joy, clarity, abundance, and dancing.

Meet Jen Gutfriend!

Jen Gutfriend is a Sparkly Badass - Heartbreak, Divorce and Life Coach at After her own divorce in 2012 she found it hard to keep up with her business along with the stress and emotional overwhelm of her divorce. With few resources available to her she gave up and went back to corporate. It took years of self discovery and working through her own shit but she came out on the other side stronger, happier and more determined then ever!

This lit a passion in her to help share her knowledge. She didn’t want to see other lady bosses struggle for years like she did to recover from their divorce. Or repeat the same patterns with men and end up dating more assholes like she used to. So she set out on a mission. Help lady bosses move through the divorce and all its baggage smoothly without losing their shit or their business. She provides emotional support and practical tools to help you heal and not only survive but thrive and create the badass life of your dreams.

Meet Debbie Pace!

Debbie Pace is an author, life coach with an MBA, a triathlete, and a badass firewalker four times and counting. She is a former U.S. Navy Journalist with 30 years of award-winning broadcast experience… from radio and TV news anchoring and reporting, to online news editing, writing and producing, and even some country music DJing.

Debbie is the chief empowerment officer of Blazing Voice LLC, and co-host of the Badassery Podcast.

She is a global mindset and visibility mentor who coaches individuals and groups to bust through mental and technology blockages that are holding them back from speaking their deep, authentic truth and elevating their business. As a self-proclaimed Fear Extinguisher, Debbie runs fear-focused coaching and mindset programs, including a week-long challenge to help people Kick the Shit Out of Fear©.

Debbie is also a keynote speaker specializing in motivational events who brings her high energy, power and passion to a deeply inspiring message. 


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